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Whooshkaa Australia

"Whats a Podcast Daddy ?" . . . best described as Internet, Computer, Online, WiFi, Smartphone or "on-demand" Radio, that you can listen to anytime "you" want to, at "your" leisure, FOR FREE . . . because it is not "live" broadcast radio. (this is ”listen” while fishing, changing/feeding the baby, working in the yard, shopping, driving, jogging rather than read . . . "on demand" radio)

Proudly, we are hosted in Sydney Australia, by Whooshkaa and are RSS syndicated world-wide.

Porthole Radio’s new 2019 series is an American on-demand radio (Podcast), curated by retired Port Engineer and opinionated storyteller PeterB. who lives aboard the Motor Vessel So..fea berthed in a Pacific coast harbor environment filled with dock noises and ambient wind sometimes ill-suited for recording.

During my career, I developed an expansive Marine information network of sailors, fishermen and societies that still today keeps me abreast of International Maritime events via scuttlebutt and commentary from on-the-dock boat owners, the past weeks emails, and the daily "coconut" SSB HF radio reports from vessels offshore about global fishing, Port happenings, ocean ecology, world cruising/racing, events at sea and the on-Boat lifestyle of live-aboards, so, we navigate through a wide variety of down-edited marine news, sea stories and experiences.

How this Works . . .
A “separate” follow-along page is used for each edition to pass-along any images or links mentioned during the show, for reference and clarity.

Please feel free to contact us with comments (good-bad-or otherwise) at: your email suggestions, questions and feedback helps make the Porthole better,and be more informed for future shows, operational needs and equipment.

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