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Consider this a “Personal-Ego-Biographical Legacy page”, these “OLD MEMORIES” pages are (for now) a “catch-all”, composite/combo-mix-together of many other now closed down 1998-2018 websites, Personal Biography, Businesses and Careers, from our “DOOMSHIP.COM”, the mostly Viet Nam era Navy and Veteran stuff from “WHAZAMMO.COM”, the “TACTSERV.COM” Marine/Ocean/Ecologyboat building/outfitting entries, and even some of my ancient “PISTOPHPUBLISHING.COM” (haiku/tanka poetry and the Twisted Nipples era, Book, newspaper, and web master stuff).

For a while, this will be a dumping ground of unloads from USB thumb drives, CD’s, floppies, and even cassette tapes and the photo box in the closet (I will organize it sometime in the future), for now I am simply “Saving” it here all in one place.